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混 hùn | video installation | Plimsoll Gallery
24 Sept - 15 Oct 2022


Depending on context, 混 hùn (pronounced “huen) means mix, muddle, hybrid, nebulous, or primordial chaos. Stephanie Jack is a hùn xùe (mixed blood) actor and multidisciplinary creative working across video, sound, and performance. 混 hùn is a video installation exploring the fluid and contextual nature of Stephanie’s racial identity. 

From multiracial code-switching, to online and offline acts of cultural reclamation, 混 hùn asks: how do we hold multiple identities at once?

👉 click here 👈 for more episodes of Stephanie's China vlog

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混 hùn credits

artist: Stephanie Jack

sound design collaborator: Blaise Garza
image credits: Wanjie Li, Stephanie Jack

This presentation of 混 hùn is part of MOTION SENSOR, a new multi-year creative laboratory series of experimental visual art and performance programs, exploring how artists navigate the complexities of fixed domains. 

MOTION SENSOR curators: Caine Chenatt, Jane Barlow

thank you to the following individuals and orgs for their direct or indirect contribution to the works in 混 hùn

UTAS * mei jack * geoff jack * selina & fan * takani clark * jason james * kishka jensen * alice qin * jacob collings * josh, lili & anna * anna yen * moonah arts centre * arts tasmania * regional arts fund * performing lines tas * 等等

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