Stephanie Jack Interviews Meteor Garden’s Blake Abbie

Blake Abbie is a multiracial multi hyphenate who plays Thomas in the hit Chinese TV series Meteor Garden and the editor-at-large of A Magazine Curated By. I recently had the pleasure of chatting to him about his creative pursuits and growing up mixed race.

"S: I can relate to that. One reason I moved to Shanghai last year was that I realised there might be opportunities to act as that “bridge” between cultures.

B: It’s an interesting position and I don’t think it’s always acknowledged. A lot of time the conversations I have as a mixed-race person in China will be, “You don’t look Chinese.” And in the Western world it will be, “Look at your eyes, you’re not fully white.” In both spaces you’re “othered.” My hope is that through mixed-race people being more vocal, we will be accepted more in both spaces.”

Read the full interview via Hapa Mag.

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